Monday, October 12, 2009

Mirassou Pinot Noir (2008)

So today Leah sends me a message before I leave work:

vodka/cream/tomato/shrimp sauce for linguini tonight
want to pick up a wine for it?

What the hell goes with vodka/cream/tomato/shrimp sauce? I thought whites go with cream and seafood, but reds go with tomato sauces and pasta, and orange juice goes with vodka. So should I get some red/white/OJ blend? That didn't sound like a good idea, so I asked my friend Puja (who teaches me about wine in exchange for me teaching her about beer) and she recommended a light Pinot Noir (specifically Mirassou Pinot Noir). I then decided to ask my Facebook friends (by which I mean my real-life friends who also happen to be on Facebook) for recommendations. I received some great suggestions (Pinot Noir Rose, Grüner, Chianti Classico, Amarone, anything Spanish) but given that my corner liquor store didn't have the first two suggestions and the other ones didn't come in until after I left the store, I ended up going with Puja's suggestion (and she's yet to steer me wrong, so I figured it was a safe bet).

So how did it turn out? Well, first of all, Leah's dinner was awesome. And the wine? Well, it poured a rather opaque cranberry color that looked thin (and I guess that's what I was going for). The aroma was likewise delicate... it was almost like smelling Koolade. No tannins, no oak, no acidity. Just the light, floral scent of berries.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the flavor was--like the appearance and smell--light. But actually, it was just light up front. Once it hit the back of the palate, you got a rush of berries and stone fruit, along with a nice, dry tannic finish. There was some oakiness in the finish as well, but nothing thick like I get from a Merlot. Once again, Puja hit the nail on the head (and kept it one penny below the $10 mark... before the stupid Cook County taxes, that is).

So, on the patented Chibebräu Wine scale (skip it, only if it's on sale, or buy it again), I would rate this one a buy it again, though I would really pounce on it if it were on sale.

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